Two TABOR questions referred to voters

Aug 2017 @ 9:48 AM

The Littleton City Council has referred two questions to voters for the November 7, 2017 ballot concerning the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, more commonly known as TABOR.  Under TABOR, a city must obtain voter approval [read more…]

City council to consider TABOR question

Aug 2017 @ 12:23 PM

The Littleton City Council will decide this summer whether to ask voters to retain $1.9 million in TABOR surplus or whether the money should be refunded. Article X of the Colorado Constitution, more commonly known [read more…]

City council holds all-day workshop

May 2017 @ 12:43 PM

The Littleton City Council held an all-day workshop April 28 to understand council’s perspectives on current issues and key objectives for the next five months. The workshop was led by Kevin King from Transformation Point, a [read more…]