Next Step for Envision Littleton: Downtown Code Updates

The Envision Littleton Comprehensive Plan was adopted October 15, 2019. The next step in planning for Littleton’s future is the 18-month process to create a Unified Land Use Code (ULUC) and update the city’s zoning. A 90-day moratorium on development applications for properties in Downtown Littleton will kick off this process. Inconsistencies between the Comprehensive Plan and the city’s current code could lead to conflicts and interpretation challenges concerning downtown development. This temporary pause in accepting applications for auto-oriented and multi-family use in Downtown Littleton will allow staff time to review these conflicts and develop a plan to resolve them. “We’re talking about patching the old code for the short term and then playing out the 18-month process,” said City Manager Mark Relph. “At the end of the 18 months, those changes will be incorporated into the new code. We’re trying to deal with the immediate conflict with the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan and the code for downtown,” Relph said. Creating the ULUC will include five building blocks to discuss downtown, key corridors, mixed use, neighborhoods, and business/commercial areas. Each building block will include listening and learning through a series of community events. The city will maintain the dedicated website at where more details can be found. The kick-off is scheduled for February 10-12.