Mineral Avenue and Polo Ridge Drive Signal

The City of Littleton has been working to analyze and address concerns at the intersection of Mineral Avenue and Polo Ridge Drive. In the summer of 2019, crews removed a signal pole for the pedestrian signal on the south side of Mineral just east of Polo Ridge Drive due to significant corrosion. As a temporary solution, a rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) system was installed to maintain an active crossing warning for pedestrians. Following that removal, Littleton hired a consultant to conduct a study of the conditions at the intersection to address several considerations, including the installation of a full traffic signal, the appropriate pedestrian crossing operations given the conditions of the area, and identify any safety concerns. Based on the findings, the city will not install a traffic signal, and will not replace the pedestrian crossing arm. Instead, the city will maintain the current RRFB system and move forward with several temporary operational modifications including radar speed feedback and additional signage to warn of pedestrians crossing in the area. The city is also working to identify the preferred crossing location in the area, ideally away from additional intersection vehicle conflicts with optimal sight distance, and a protective median refuge. The city will then design the crossing with the appropriate active indicators, including advance warnings, and secure funding for implementation. Littleton is also working with the Polo Reserve Home Owners Association to remove or relocate landscaping, walls, and fencing currently obscuring visibility along Mineral Avenue from Polo Ridge Drive.