Crime Prevention

Littleton is one of the safest communities in the metropolitan area and has lower crime than most comparably-sized cities. However, it is always wise to take precautions to help prevent a crime, no matter how safe the community is. Frequently, property crime is a crime of opportunity and there is no reason to make it easy for those criminals who are looking for the chance to victimize someone. One of the more common forms of property crime seen in Littleton is citizens having their cars broken into and sometimes stolen. The Littleton Police offer the following crime prevention tips:

• Do not leave anything of value in an unattended vehicle. This means wallets, purses, briefcases, or anything else that someone might be interested in stealing. Concealing valuables under a jacket or under the seat is not a good crime prevention technique. The bad guys know that if there is a jacket covering something on the front seat, there is probably something of value under there. The only sure fire way of preventing something from being stolen from a car is to take it out of the car. If that is impossible, secure property in the trunk or a locked glove box.

• One item that most people don’t think about removing from their car is their garage door opener. A garage door opener could give someone access to the entire house. If a garage door opener is ever stolen, change the remote code as soon as the theft is discovered. The bad guys could be parked down the street, just waiting for the opportunity to use that opener to burglarize the home.

• Never leave the keys in the car. It is surprising how many victims of auto theft report that they left their keys under the floor mat or in the center console. This goes along with never leaving a car running, unattended, even just for a moment. It takes just a second for someone to jump in a running car and drive away.

• Remember, crime prevention is frequently just good, old-fashioned, common sense. Don’t leave belongings where they are accessible or visible, always lock the car and home, be extra vigilant about keeping the garage door closed, and don’t be hesitant to call the police if there is something in the neighborhood that seems suspicious or out of the ordinary.