Are You One of the Lucky Few to Receive the 2020 Surveys?

Starting in early January, 3,000 randomly selected Littleton households will receive a couple of postcards letting them know they’ve been selected to participate in the 2020 Resident Survey. The survey will be mailed shortly afterward and can be completed by mail or online with a deadline of February 14. Residents who receive the survey are encouraged to take a few minutes to share their input. The survey is conducted by the National Research Center and results, compared over time, provide valuable information to city council and staff regarding city programs, policies and services. A web-based survey of 1,000 businesses will take place at the same time. This is an online only survey. Feedback from Littleton business owners and managers is a valued resource to help ensure a strong local economy. For more information about the surveys, call 303-795-3733.