Re-striping on Windermere Street

In the fall of 2018 as part of the city’s regular road maintenance, Windermere Street from Belleview Avenue to Littleton Boulevard was resurfaced and restriped. The striping was intended to be temporary so the city could evaluate its effectiveness. Based on staff observation and citizen feedback, a few changes will be made to the striping in the coming months. Turn Lanes and Bike Lanes Over the last several months, the city has determined that the dedicated left-turn lanes at non-signalized intersections are not needed as the volumes and street width allow people to make these turns without impeding traffic. The city also determined that the bike lanes help more people feel comfortable cycling on Windermere Street, and reduces collisions. Shared Lanes and Green Pavement Throughout Littleton more people are biking and there have been a number of crashes where bike infrastructure is not carried up to or through intersections. In response, the city will add solid green pavement where bike lanes approach an intersection and green “crossbikes” (think of a green crosswalk) that continue bike lanes through non-signalized intersections on this portion of Windermere Street. In addition, the right turn lanes at southbound Littleton Boulevard and northbound Belleview Avenue will be striped as shared right turn/bike lanes (see photo). This striping shows cyclists they can use the left-most portion of the right turn lane to proceed straight through an intersection. From a legal and enforcement standpoint, cyclists already have the right to do this, but this new striping will make that more clear to drivers and cyclists. There will also be new signage included in these locations to help point out the new striping. For questions call 303-795-3867.