Littleton’s Pavement Management Program

Maintenance of the city’s infrastructure is one of the most essential services provided by municipal government and requires considerable planning. The City of Littleton owns and maintains a large network of public infrastructure including pavement, underground utilities, traffic signals, municipal buildings, grounds, and much more. These infrastructure assets represent a large capital investment. A major portion of this infrastructure is in the form of the pavement. The Pavement Management Program emphasizes pavement preservation as a proactive approach to maintaining streets while they are still in good condition. The most cost-effective strategy in pavement preservation is applying the right treatment to the right road at the right time, thereby maximizing the life of the pavement. The Pavement Management Program lays out a schedule for future improvements needed to keep the infrastructure in optimal operating condition. With voter approval of fire unification in November of 2018, an additional $3.1 million will be dedicated to transportation infrastructure improvements each year. This funding becomes available in 2020, and will allow the city to begin catching up on deferred street maintenance and raise the overall quality of the pavement condition on Littleton’s streets. The 5 Year Pavement Management Program (2020 – 2024) developed by the Public Works Department includes some type of pavement preservation technique applied to over 55 miles of streets, which is around 33% of the network. The program will be reviewed annually and is subject to change as pavements age and different needs arise. To view maps of the proposed 5-year Pavement Management Program visit