Home Improvement Tips

Thinking about starting some home improvement projects soon? Projects like landscaping, decks, patios, fences, and remodeling may require some planning ahead for the delivery and storage of materials during construction. Storing these materials on the street or sidewalk is not permitted because construction and landscaping materials, roll-away dumpsters, storage pods, storage crates, semi-trailers, or any other item could damage the roadway and causes extra wear and tear on the streets. This could mean more frequent roadway maintenance is required. If there are special circumstances, residents and business owners can call for a permit through the Public Works Department at 303- 795-3863. The permit also allows city staff to make sure there is a safe plan for traffic to get around the items. Aside from roadway damage, materials stored improperly can also contaminate stormwater. Contaminated stormwater can flow into nearby streams and rivers and harm wildlife and the environment. Even small amounts of yard clippings allowed to enter the street can end up in the storm sewers and eventually the river. Other construction activities like washing out equipment or a concrete truck can impact the storm sewer system and waterways. With all this in mind, keep items and materials out of the street to protect the roadways and the environment.