South Platte Water Renewal Partners Wins $50,000 in 2019 EPA Nutrient Sensor Action Challenge

The South Platte Water Renewal Partners (SPWRP) won one of three $50,000 national prizes at the 2019 Nutrient Sensor Action Challenge presented by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

The challenge called for data-driven solutions that utilized many different experts. SPWRP’s work was detailed in a 23 page report entitled “In-Plant Sensors for Nutrient Management” which detailed the use of data probes across the facility to manage chemical usage and reduce nutrient levels in the South Platte watershed.  

The Littleton and Englewood based organization was the only municipality actively affecting the watershed out of the competing six teams. SPWRP must adhere to state and local nutrient restrictions in order to comply with its water discharge permit and sustain the natural environment.

“As a municipality, we have a direct impact on our watershed,” SPWRP Director Pieter Van Ry said. “Studies such as these, demonstrate how we continually strive to meet and exceed in our responsibilities as stewards of our communities.”

There are currently $30 million worth of projects centered on revitalizing the South Platte River and allowing for healthy recreation in the area. The efforts of SPWRP support these projects by maintaining a healthy and habitable environment via clean water.

“We are working locally on a national issue in terms of nutrient management,” SPWRP project engineer Anna Schroeder who submitted the report said. “This money will help to accelerate projects dedicated to finding a national solution. “

The organization plans to invest the prize into further process efficiencies in order to maintain the high quality of service that it provides to its ratepayers and greater South Platte watershed. 

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About The South Platte Water Renewal Partners:


The South Platte Water Renewal Partners is the third largest water renewal facility in Colorado. We clean 20 million gallons of wastewater a day from 300,000 customers in Englewood, Littleton and 19 other connector districts. SPWRP helps the South Platte communities thrive by renewing water to support recreation, agriculture and wildlife. We protect the environment by treating waste in the water and recovering vital resources during the process. For more information, visit SPWRP’s website at