Updates for Federal and Bowles

Voters approved the TABOR override in 2017, providing $545,000 for upgrades to the intersection of Federal and Bowles. This is enough funding to move forward with safety improvements, but not enough for the ultimate intersection changes. Federal and Bowles is the city’s highest accident intersection not involving Santa Fe Drive. This location has a history of accidents related to sight lines for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists as well as a mix of arterial streets and recreational trails. The location carries 46,000 vehicles daily and in the last five years, 108 accidents occurred including three with bicycles and pedestrians. The first stage in 2018 included designs to develop a Phase 1 project that will greatly improve safety, and included multiple public engagement opportunities. A consultant for the city is working to complete the final construction drawings for Phase 1, and then the project will be put out to bid and contracted in 2019. A general summary of the work: • Modifications to the north leg by removing a portion of the center median; • Narrowing the lanes and shifting them to the east (creating safer movements while maintaining flow); • Signal modifications; • A new channelized island in the northwest corner for the southbound right maneuver; • Additional work, the extent of which will be determined by bid results includes: ○ Revisions to the island in the northeast corner; ○ Raised pedestrian crossings to the two islands; ○ Removal of the crosswalk on the east side of the intersection ; ○ Some bike lane and side path improvements. The city submitted a funding request for the ultimate improvements through the Denver Regional Council of Governments Transportation Improvement Program for the next four years. The project did not rank highly among regional needs so the ultimate solution is not funded at this time but the city will continue to pursue additional grant opportunities.