Planning Study for Santa Fe Coming This Fall

Many have driven South Santa Fe Drive between Denver and C-470 with the thought that so much more could be done with this road. Beginning this fall, the city is working with local partners on a regional project to develop detailed concepts for the future of South Santa Fe Drive. A partnership of eight local agencies and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) will kick off a $3 million Planning & Environmental Linkages Study (PEL). A PEL is a process, often used to identify transportation issues and environmental concerns, in a transportation corridor. Usually, a PEL is the stepping-off point to determine future options to enhance, protect, increase safety, and reduce congestion in a corridor. The goal is to develop a coalition of stakeholders, communities, and citizens to determine not only short-term improvements but a long-term vision to protect and enhance the quality of life for all those that touch the corridor – residents, businesses, commuters, and the environment. The decisions and analyses, for example, can be used to identify and prioritize future projects, develop the purpose and need for a project, determine project size or length, and/or develop and refine a range of alternatives. The transportation and land use plan also helps set the stage for communities to create economic development strategies to support business retention and growth. Beginning in 2020, CDOT, Littleton, and the other coalition members will begin an extensive public engagement effort to ask about challenges with Santa Fe, and gain input. The project will develop a draft for public review in 2021 and help set the plan in motion to seek federal and state funds to begin the highest priority project beginning in 2024.