2019 Pavement Management

The Public Works Department is completing its annual street maintenance projects. Street maintenance can take many forms, from something as minor as fixing a pothole to a total street reconstruction with sewer relocation, bike lanes and changes in roadway width and elevation. In the past, the city’s Public Works Department operated on a budget of about $2.1 million a year. However, after Littleton voters approved the full inclusion of Littleton Fire Rescue into South Metro Fire Rescue, this number will increase to approximately $5 million in 2020. The city owns approximately 123 centerlane miles of roadway and is in the final stages of creating a comprehensive five-year maintenance plan that will identify future projects, maintenance, and overall costs. This plan will help identify which streets will receive maintenance within the next five years and will allow crews to cover more ground in different areas. Additionally, the plan allows for improved communication with city planners to develop walkable and bikable corridors, create safe routes to school, as well as increase accessibility.