Speaker Series Continues to Help Guide Envision Littleton

In April, Littleton hosted part two of the four-part Envision Littleton Speaker Series, featuring Darin Atteberry, city manager of Fort Collins. Over 60 people attended. Fort Collins is one of only three municipalities in the United States to receive the Malcolm Baldrige presidential award for performance excellence. This performance excellence was the focus of Atteberry’s presentation. Atteberry’s first challenge to the crowd was to answer the question of what happens with your plans? He asked the attendees to consider if Littleton is the type of city that has a plan and builds that plan; has a plan and puts it on the shelf and doesn’t build it; doesn’t plan and just builds. He added, “One of the things that I want to make sure you leave with this morning is that Fort Collins deeply and fundamentally believes in planning; if you aren’t visioning and aligning resources and being very intentional and deliberate then you are going to get what you get; and we would say you are going to get average.” Atteberry went on to explain how the city delivers on world-class municipal services. Key to their success has been recognizing the amazing leadership that has existed throughout the history of the city. He described the process as co-creating and collaboration. This requires Fort Collins to continually engage the community in the planning process, benchmarking results, and honoring the shared values and vision of the city. He added, “we needed to move away from ‘trust us’ to ‘let me show you’ (through data) that we are spending the appropriate amount on municipal services.” One of the most important lessons he shared is that “vision clarity is critical; without a vision, everything becomes a priority and in turn, nothing becomes a priority.” Watch a video of the presentation by visiting EnvisionLittleton.org. Envision Littleton is in Phase 3 which is about modeling future scenarios for both the built environment and transportation system to determine priorities and begin the process of aligning resources to honor the plan for the next 10-20 years. The input from the community during Phase 3 will allow the city to begin the work of Phase 4 that combines both plans to look at the fiscal sustainability of the next 10-20 years. Speaker Series #3 was held May 22 and welcomed Bret Keast to further uncover the unique methodology of community character offered by the city’s national consulting team, Kendig Keast Collaborative (KKC). This method of combining land-use and design elements will be central to how the city will continue to balance ushering in the future with honoring the legacy of Littleton’s leadership role in the metro region. During the presentation, Bret’s passion was evident as he talked about how KKC applies the core values of promoting good land stewardship, conserving resources, preserving and enhancing community character, safeguarding neighborhood integrity, and ensuring fiscal responsibility. To register for the final speaker series on September 12, visit envisionlittleton.org later this summer. Each session has been recorded so that the series can continue to be a resource on the city’s YouTube channel and cable Channel 8. Visit the website to connect with the latest updates on the city’s plan for the next 10-20 years.