RiiZE Coffee Co.

There is a brand new coffee shop in town! RiiZE Coffee Co. (pronounced like “rise and shine”) is located just off of West County Line and Santa Fe at 8200 Southpark Circle. It is a locally-owned coffee shop offering the highest quality organic, single-origin coffee from women-owned farms around the coffee belt. Their passion is elevating the experience of coffee, lifting coffee laborers out of poverty, and providing a place for the community to gather. Riize Coffee Co. takes great pride in the beans that create the coffee they serve. They claim that in addition to creating complex clean flavors, the little gems are literally changing the world. They only serve certified organic beans that have been roasted by Ampersand Coffee Roasters, a company that supports female empowerment and environmental sustainability. Riize makes all customers a promise that they will never taste over-roasted beans because these beans are someone’s art. RiiZE has great brews, free WiFi, plenty of outlets, and is the perfect place to escape from the office or meet up with friends. For more information visit www.riizecoffee.com.