25 Percent of Littleton Streets Will Receive Maintenance This Year

Springtime means blooming flowers and the discovery of a winter’s worth of potholes on neighborhood streets. City crews are ready to tackle the problem and are kicking off the 2019 Pavement Management Program. Work is starting now and will continue through October. Littleton has a total of 161 miles of streets. The 2019 Pavement Management Program will touch 40 miles of city streets with a variety of maintenance techniques including Crack Sealing, Surface Sealing, and Mill & Overlay. The budget for 2019 is $2 million thanks to a $500,000 increase in funding from the state legislature. In 2020, an additional $3.1 million will be available to improve city streets due to voter approval of the fire unification question in late 2018. This will allow the city to begin catching up on deferred street maintenance and raise the overall quality of the pavement condition in Littleton. Crack sealing is underway now and will continue through late May in several neighborhoods. This is a short-term, costeffective way of maintaining the life of pavement by sealing it from water and other damaging factors that lead to the sub-base failure. Starting in June and continuing through September, many neighborhood streets will receive Slurry or Chip Sealing, the application of a waterproof, protective coating that increases the life of pavement and improves its appearance. Also beginning in June and finishing in October, Mill & Overlay will take place. This method provides a new, crack free, smooth driving surface after the top 1-3 inches of existing asphalt is removed and replaced with hot asphalt. Concrete curb and gutter repairs will be done before the Mill & Overlay. Door hangers and no-parking signs will appear in neighborhoods prior to the start of work. The work is weather dependent and residents are encouraged to comply with the no parking signs. Motorists are asked to slow down and be aware of their surroundings when driving through construction sites. The city recognizes that cone zones can be inconvenient but are in place for everyone’s safety. More information about the 2019 Pavement Management Program can be found on the city’s website or call 303-795-3871.