International Ballet School

The International Ballet School is a hidden gem located at 8000 South Lincoln Street. The school focuses on an international level of training with the goal of enabling students to dance anywhere in the world. Olivia Daughtry is 15-years old and has been training with the International Ballet School for two years. She recently returned from an international competition in Switzerland. Daughtry attends school in Colorado Springs for half the day on weekdays but is committed to traveling to Littleton to practice for five hours seven days a week. “The goal is to get into a company and to get paid to do what I love,” said Daughtry. Many of the students from the International Ballet School have been awarded full scholarships abroad including places such as Moscow, Zurich, Portugal and Canada. Isaac Mueller is 17 and has been studying ballet at the school for over three years. He recently returned from New York where he spent two weeks at a ballet camp and then received a full scholarship to study ballet at a school in Moscow. “There is something that is so inspiring about performing, it just takes over,” said Mueller.

The school hosts classes for beginner ballerinas as well as extended programs for intermediate and advanced students. Additionally, the schools
performs twice yearly at the Gates Concert Hall every June and December. For more information call 303-229-3757 or go to