Immediate Construction to be Completed at the Intersection of Mineral Ave. and Polo Ridge Dr.

UPDATE: May 22, 2019: 

The City of Littleton removed the signal pole, due to erosion, at the intersection of Mineral and Polo Ridge Drive. The city will replace that pole, but it may take some time due to manufacturer delays. Meanwhile, a rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) system has been installed as a temporary solution.

Immediate construction is happening at the intersection of Mineral Avenue and Polo Ridge Drive, after an inspection revealed severe corrosion at the base of a pole. At the recommendation of the city’s structural engineering consultant, the mast arm will be removed today to reduce the risk of pole failure. The pedestrian crossing signal at this intersection will be out of operation while repair, replacement, and temporary operational solutions are evaluated.

Littleton’s Public Works Department is currently working on an entire inspection of the traffic signal systems throughout the city.  There are more than 250 signal poles owned by the City of Littleton of varying age and conditions.  This purpose of this inspection program is the evaluate the structural condition and integrity of the signal poles, mast arms, connections, and foundations.