Littleton’s Unsung Heros

There are flashing lights on their cars, they wear a uniform and they are out to help any and all in need, but they are not paid police officers, in fact they are volunteers. The Community Safety Volunteer (CSV) program began in 2015 with a group of graduates from the Littleton Police Citizens Academy Alumni Association (LPCAAA). There are 17 active CSV members.
“The education I received during the academy fortified my respect and admiration for police officers, dispatchers, and fire and rescue. Being a CSV is my opportunity to give back,” said CSV Becky Woods, who just completed one year as a volunteer. Each CSV completes a 20 hour academy where they learn officer safety techniques, City of Littleton geography, police department radio procedures, traffic control techniques, as well as many other functions, but volunteer Jessica Martin says it is worth every minute. “The sense of belonging and making an impact has been very satisfying and is fulfilling the initial goal of participating in the program.” CSV’s perform a variety of duties including: patrolling areas with a high concentration of
criminal activity, assisting officers by helping control traffic at accident scenes, waiting for tow trucks so officers can be freed up to handle calls for service, vacation checks of houses when the home owner is away, documenting new graffiti, assisting code enforcement with some code violations, and most importantly, serving as police department ambassadors to the community. “Our efforts are in support of the LPD and to extend their reach in the community in their continuous efforts to protect and serve,” said volunteer James Crain. To find more information about the CSV program or the Littleton Police Citizens Academy go to