Jackass Hill Brewery

The newest brewery has arrived in Downtown Littleton, located at 2409 West Main Street, and is officially open for business. The creation of Jackass Hill Brewery began with a beer on the front porch and a joke amongst friends. Pat Somers is the owner and creator of the brewery. Often he would invite friends to his home near Jackass Hill Road. The group would relax on the front porch with a beer to watch the sunset, and soon it became an inside joke as he started to refer to his front porch as the ‘Jackass Hill Brewery.’ The group even went as far as to create t-shirts sporting the name. Inspired by the thought, Somers opened the newest brewery in Downtown Littleton. Jackass Hill Brewery specializes in American style ales and lagers and features over 20 taps. Ten taps will serve Jackass beers that have been brewed on site, and ten will feature other local beers. Jackass Hill Brewery is classified as a brewpub, complete with a food menu that offers items such as nachos, chips with salsa, and a charcuterie board. For more information go to Jackass Hill Brewery on FaceBook or call 720-242-7492. “We look forward to the opportunity to serve the community.”