Free Dog Training at the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley

A grant from the City of Littleton has allowed pet owners access to free obedience classes at the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley (HSSPV). Since 2009, the HSSPV has served the Littleton area by caring for stray, lost, or abandoned pets as well as finding homes for them. HSSPV is now offering accessible behavior and training resources to Littleton residents in hopes of setting pet owners up for success. In January, HSSPV is offering affordable group obedience training classes for dogs allowing them the opportunity to practice ignoring distractions, sitting politely for a greeting, learning commands such as come, focus, leave it, heel, sit, down, and stay. There were 30 available free spaces in the six-week training course for residents of Littleton. If interested and to see if classes are still available, email or call the shelter directly at 303-703-2938. To have the enrollment fee waived, provide proof of address within the Littleton city limits at the time of registration. “HSSPV is grateful to Mayor Debbie Brinkman and the members of city council for making these opportunities possible, and most of all for shaping Littleton into a dog friendly paradise,” said Kelsey Kennelly, the marketing and communit outreach manager at the shelter. For more information visit