Envision Littleton- Building a Future For Everyone

In a unanimous vote, the Littleton City Council adopted a new Vision 2040 for the city on December 18. Envision Littleton is a community-driven process to plan for the next 10 to 20 years and was launched during the spring of 2018. More than 3,000 people shaped this plan at 100 events providing their time, ideas, and passion for Littleton. Envision Littleton identified five guiding principles. The city staff will incorporate the vision and guiding principles into its strategic planning and routine operations to ensure values-based and priorities-driven decision making. What’s next? The staff will prepare a new Comprehensive Plan to better reflect current conditions, issues, and opportunities while undertaking the development of the first Transportation Master Plan (TMP). Both plans have an adoption target for fall of 2019. The combined planning efforts will emphasize the critical link between land use and an effective transportation system. The Five Phases of Envision Littleton in 2019 The Comprehensive Plan is a municipality’s road map for the future. It is a document that provides long-range policy direction for land use, transportation, economic development, housing, public facilities, preservation, conservation, and natural resources. It serves as a guide for elected and appointed officials by providing a framework that can be used to evaluate and direct responsible community growth.

The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is a sub-plan of the Comprehensive Plan. The TMP will take the essential components of the Comprehensive Plan and connect them to the transportation system and how it needs to operate to support the adopted unifying vision. The end goal of a TMP is defining the level of service the community expects from the transportation system and what it will take to make that happen over a timeline of 25-30 years. A great transportation plan will incorporate all modes of travel including cars, bicycles, pedestrians, transit, light rail, and infastructure that is accessible to all.

Envision Littleton Starts with YOU
The Envision Team will have targeted outreach efforts throughout 2019, with a goal of leveraging community input. For more information visit envisionlittleton.org.