Socks It Out Challenge

Update January 30, 2018:

The City of Littleton accepted the challenge to Sock-It-Out against other neighboring cities in a competition to see who could collect the most socks. During the month of December, Littleton joined Greenwood Village, Lone Tree, Englewood and Centennial collecting new socks to donate to the homeless. Boxes were set up at Bemis Library, the Littleton Museum and the Littleton Center and a total of 1,025 pairs were collected. Greenwood Village won the challenge by 50, collecting 1,075 pairs! The real winners are all those who will receive new socks made possible by the generous donations of residents across the South Metro area.

Published December 11, 2018:

The City of Littleton is participating in the Denver South Sock it Out Challenge.  The city will go ‘toe to toe’ with Greenwood Village, Centennial, and Lone Tree in a competition to see who can collect the most new socks.

The challenge will last through the month of December.  The socks will be donated to local men, women and children who are experiencing homelessness.  Having access to clean, dry socks helps alleviate many foot and health problems for the homeless.

Join in on the holiday spirit and help Littleton win the challenge by donating new socks.  Bins are located at the Littleton Center, the Littleton Museum and Bemis Library through December 31.