Proposed Regulations for Short-Term Rentals

At its December 18 meeting the Littleton City Council will vote on a motion to move the public hearing concerning new regulations for short-term rentals to January 15.  This will allow council to discuss the proposed changes at a study session on January 8. It is not the intent of the Littleton City Council to have public hearing on this topic during the meeting on December 18.

Short-term rentals are defined as the rental of all or part of a parcel of property for 30 days or less. Littleton is a popular destination and the city has seen an increase in these types of rentals, prompting a policy discussion that began in July 2018 and a moratorium on short-term rentals passed by city council in October 2018.

During discussions, the council identified three broad goals: preserving the compatibility between individual’s rights to use their property and the existing neighborhood, having appropriate regulations in place to protect public health and safety, and provide adequate regulations to ensure that short-term rentals are compatible with the existing uses. To view the draft regulations, go to