Platte Canyon Dental Care

“Honest Dentistry” is the motto at Platte Canyon Dental Care, where Dr. Allison Furini says she prefers a more traditional style of practice. The office, established in 2014, is located near the corner of Bowles Avenue and Platte Canyon Road.

Dr. Furini’s goal is to nurture a warm, caring, and fun atmosphere while providing excellent dentistry in a slower paced and intimate office. Emphasis is placed on technology where patients are able to interact directly with the diagnosis, allowing the clinical staff to provide the best educational experience regarding a patient’s dental condition and options. Dr. Furini says, “we pride ourselves on treating patients like family.”  Platte Canyon Dental Care offers most dental services from preventative cleanings, crown and bridge, denture services, orthodontics through Invisalign, and even surgical dental implant placement. For more information visit their website at or call 303-797-2286.