Inspection of sanitary and storm sewer lines

In an effort to best maintain and operate the city’s sanitary and storm sewer systems, the City of Littleton has contracted with firms to document and assess the condition of this important underground infrastructure. Crews will send remote cameras through every foot of pipe in the city, equaling about 175 miles, that is roughly the distance from Littleton to Glenwood Springs. This work is a valuable step in developing a strong asset management program that will assist the city in understanding the needs and condition of it’s infrastructure. Once the inspection is complete, the city will conduct a risk analysis to prioritize areas for maintenance and capital improvements in order to operate these systems most efficiently.

There are two groups of contractors inspecting these assets. Employees from RJN Group will be performing inspections of manholes used to access both systems. Employees from Ace Pipe Cleaning will be performing video inspection on pipes. Six to ten terabytes of data will be collected. The project began on June 18 and is expected to take about six months to complete.

For more information, visit the Public Works Projects page at and click on the Sanitary & Storm Sewer Inspection Program project.