City survey results are in

The City of Littleton conducted a 2018 residential and business survey. The residential survey was mailed to 3,000 randomly selected residents, 721 surveys were completed. Additionally, 1,000 random businesses were asked to complete the survey and 179 responses were received. The majority of residents, 96 percent, believe Littleton is a good or excellent place to live. Moreover, the majority, 92 percent, also believe that Littleton is a good or excellent place to raise children.

The Littleton Report, and the city’s website,, were rated as the top two ways residents receive information and communication about their city.

There were three main issues that were highlighted for areas of improvement for the city. Those include traffic, outdated commercial areas and street maintenance. The proportion of individuals identifying traffic as a serious concern increased significantly since the survey conducted in 2016 and that concern has been growing since 2012. Another area identified for improvements was parking in Downtown Littleton. Ratings for downtown parking have been trending downward since 2012 and the marks are now below the national benchmark.

One issue that has seen some improvement is snowplowing across the city. Residents identified that issue in previous surveys, resulting in the city making changes to routes and procedures. In the 2018 survey, those changes yielded the highest level of approval ratings yet for snowplowing across Littleton.

The results from the business survey were very similar to that of the residential survey. The majority of businesses, 85 percent, feel that Littleton is a good or excellent place to work. Additionally, businesses were in line with identifying downtown parking and overall traffic issues as areas for improvement. To view the complete survey go to In future editions the city council’s strategic imperatives will be discussed as well as how their work plan will address some of these issues.