Fatal accident involving pedestrian and RTD Bus

Police patch, Littleton, ColoradoOn the afternoon of June 7, 2018, Littleton Police responded to a call of an accident involving a pedestrian and an RTD bus. The pedestrian was identified as 31-year-old Patrick Tshudy  from Greenwood Villiage, Colorado.

According to witness statements, as well as video discovered by investigators, it appears that, unbeknownst to the bus driver, the victim deliberately crawled under the bus, which was stopped at a bus stop on W. Alamo Ave., near the RTD train station.  The bus proceeded from the stop, dragging the subject for several blocks, resulting in his tragic death. The subject was identified as 31-year-old Patrick Tshudy from Greenwood Village, Colorado. Based on all the information gathered at this point, police investigators and prosecutors from the District Attorney’s Office agree no charges are warranted.  The investigation is continuing into the subject’s motive, but it appears that the subject may have suffered from mental health issues.

The investigation is ongoing. Littleton Police detectives continue to interview witnesses and review video footage to determine the cause.