Littleton implements new Preliminary Project Plan Process

A new Preliminary Project Plan Process, also called P4, has been added into Littleton’s zoning code. It provides an option for land owners and developers who are interested in a new planned development or an amendment to an existing planned development, to get informal and non-binding input from planning commission and city council before a formal development application is submitted.

In the city’s zoning code, properties are zoned into various zoning districts; residential, commercial, and industrial. Each district has development standards for uses, height, density, open space, etc. Littleton’s code also allows properties in certain cases to establish a Planned Development (PD). As part of an application to establish a PD, the development standards are established specifically for that PD and are presented as part of the application. They are then reviewed by the city’s planning commission with final decision by city council.

The addition of P4 into the city’s zoning code will allow applicants to submit a proposal prior to a formal PD development application to get feedback before the formal process. Staff looked at other Front Range communities’ zoning codes, including Longmont, Greeley, Aurora, and Arvada. Littleton’s P4 was compiled from these municipal land use codes. The process for a P4 begins when an application is submitted to the Community Development Department. City staff will review and present it to both planning commission and city council who will get an initial look at a potential project that may be submitted, as well as an opportunity to provide thoughts and ideas on a proposal. Planning commission and city council are not bound by the comments provided. Applicants will hear the initial feedback and if any significant issues arise, will have the opportunity to rethink their proposed PD. Applicants are still required to hold a public meeting prior to submission of a formal PD application.

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