2017 Election Results

The Arapahoe, Douglas and Jefferson County Clerk and Recorders have provided these unofficial results for the 2017 Littleton municipal election:

City Council District I Arapahoe Jefferson Douglas Total
Patrick Driscoll 1,327 1,327
Kama Suddath 1,006 1,006
City Council District III
Phil Cernanec 1,441 0 1,441
Carol Fey 1,846 0 1,846
Steven Esses 244 0 244
City Council At Large
Kyle Schlachter 4,986 358 24 5,368
Karina Elrod 5,092 379 27 5,498
Doug Clark 4,887 250 26 5,163
Carol Brzeczek 4,674 245 14 4,933
2C – TABOR / Retain Excess Revenue
Yes 8,647 556 53 9,256
No 2,347 163 10 2,520
2D – TABOR / Adjust Revenue Base
Yes 7,148 437 46 7,631
No 3,658 272 17 3,947

Littleton City Council ChamberIn the district races, Patrick Driscoll and Carol Fey will serve four-year terms.

In the at-large race, Karina Elrod will serve a four-year term for receiving the highest number of votes and Kyle Schlachter will serve a two-year term for receiving the second highest number of votes.

The figures are not final until after the Board of Canvass of each county meets in approximately two weeks.

A reception will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday, November 21 to welcome the new council members and recognize those who served. The new council members will be sworn in at 6:30 p.m. by Presiding Judge Ethan Feldman who will administer the oath of office. The new council will then elect the mayor and mayor pro tem to serve for the next two years.

Voters approved Question 2C by a 79-percent margin. Approval allows the city to retain excess revenue for intersection safety upgrades at Bowles Avenue and Federal Boulevard ($545,000), and pavement improvements on residential streets ($1,392,904). This will increase the 2018 residential paving program from 3.4 miles to 7 miles of street resurfacing.

Question 2D was approved by 66 percent of voters. It concerns adjusting the base used to calculate the TABOR limit to the 2016 level.

“I want to thank Littleton voters for the confidence they showed in their overwhelming support of the two TABOR questions” said Mayor Bruce Beckman. “We’ll move ahead as swiftly as possible to get these infrastructure improvements underway to fulfill our obligation to voters.”