Sign up for Littleton Town Hall

Front entrance of Littleton Center

On September 20 at 6:30 p.m., Littleton city council and staff will host a city-wide town hall meeting at the Falls Event Center focused on infrastructure and capital projects. The meeting will not only give the public the opportunity to attend and ask staff members questions in person, but citizens will also be able to participate online, by phone, or through social media.

The plan for the Littleton Town Hall Meeting was put together after city council identified a priority to change how it gets feedback from the public . Rather than doing separate district meetings, it was decided that the city will have one big meeting using technology to make it easy for the public to participate. Council will attend the event to provide input on policy decisions. City staff will help organize and moderate the discussions. In addition to asking questions, the community members will also be able to partake in polls, offer feedback, and hear from their neighbors.

For more information or to register a phone number to be called, visit