River safety signs installed along the South Platte River

Banks the Otter

The South Platte River serves as a source of relaxation, entertainment, and an escape from high summer temperatures, but river-goers should also be aware that it can be dangerous. In order to remind Littleton residents and visitors that safety on and around the river is a top priority, new signs have been posted in the area. They feature a character named Banks the Otter and offer safety guidelines and tips. There are currently two signs where the river meets C-470, two at Reynolds Landing, two at Union, and two at River Run.

The idea was generated by the South Platte Working Group (SPWG) after a couple of high-water springs and a number of incidents in the river. The goal is to clearly communicate good river practices and then allow individuals to makes decisions based on up-to-date information about water conditions.

This is the first signage program of its kind in the state and was funded by the Colorado Water Conservation Board. Now that these signs have been created, they can be adopted by other cities across Colorado at no charge. The SPWG is proud of this effort and recognizes that sharing it across the state will result in lives saved.