Keep it clean, because we’re all downstream

S Platte River after some of the work has been completed

Every season in Colorado, there is some form of precipitation and when it rains, water flows across the ground and pavement. While a good portion of the moisture seeps into the ground, the remainder ends up in storm sewers and eventually makes its way into the the South Platte River.

The everyday behavior of Littleton’s residents and visitors can have a tremendous impact on the water quality in and around the area. By taking a few simple steps, residents can eliminate pollution traveling in storm drains to streams, rivers, and wetlands. Pollutants can occur with rain or snow melt picking up materials from streets, parking lots, yards, farms, and construction sites. Because of that it’s important for everyone to keep chemicals, pet waste, and automobile liquids cleaned up and contained.

Here are a few tips for keeping the area’s natural water sources clean:

  • Never dump materials or liquids into storm drains
  • Always use a pan or bucket to catch drips and spills when working on a car
  • Clean up pet waste
  • Keep construction sites, parking lots, and streets litter free

Littleton’s Public Works Department is the stormwater management leader in the city. To address issues that may impact water quality visit