Anglers All

Fly fishing poles

A staple in Littleton for generations, Anglers All (5211 South Santa Fe Drive) has everything needed for the beginner and avid fly fisherman. Founded in 1954, there have only been three owners, including current leader Chris Keeley since 2009. The shop primarily focuses on providing customers with fly fishing and fly tying equipment.

Anglers AllChat with one of the experienced guides in the shop and browse through the endless supplies of hooks, lines and clothing. Anglers All provides gear for fishing in all locations, from Colorado to Belize. Classes are also available for beginners in the summer, including all-women groups. The store hosts the Mile High 25 Tournament every year that puts two-man teams in a competition to catch the most species in two days of fishing.

For those looking to just try the sport, Anglers All rents its equipment. If customers decide to buy the gear, 100% of the rental fees are put towards the final purchase. The website has a wide selection of items for sale as well. Follow Anglers All on Facebook and Instagram (@anglersall).