Preserving Memory and Place on display at Littleton Museum

Museum Exhibit

Town Hall, the Denver & Rio Grande Depot, and the Columbine Mercantile Company: these buildings are more than just cute or quaint leftovers from days gone by. They are reminders of Littleton’s shared cultural past. In a new exhibit, Preserving Memory and Place, the Littleton Museum seeks to show that Littleton’s history and values can be experienced by observing the structures around us.

By introducing the concept of historic designation, and identifying familiar places in Littleton, visitors will learn more about the people, businesses, architects, and buildings within the community. Each section touches on the history and values preserved with each building, all while invoking memories of these places. Using selected artifacts from the museum’s collections to illustrate a moment in time, visitors are invited to experience some of the most significant buildings in Littleton.