Downtown Littleton post office getting needed repairs

Littleton Post Office

Since 1939, the post office in Downtown Littleton has withstood the wear and tear of time, served community members, and acted as a reminder of the city’s rich foundation. Now the building is getting some much needed love.

When several community members voiced their concerns about the condition of the outside of the building, it got the attention of U.S. Representative Mike Coffman. In April Representative Coffman made the trip to Littleton to see the building for himself. Soon after his visit, Coffman wrote a letter to the U.S. Postmaster General, seeking help with repairs that need to be made to the building.

“I wish to extend my gratitude to the Postmaster General, Megan Brennan, for ensuring that the Littleton Post Office will receive the proper and necessary repairs,” Coffman said. “I am convinced these repairs will strengthen our community’s historic preservation efforts.”

Improvements to the post office should be completed in October. Historic Littleton Inc. is also working to make sure the building gets the recognition it deserves. The group is now trying to get the building listed as a historic landmark.