Historic Walking Tour app now available

Screen shot of historic walking tour app map

Littleton’s new Historic Walking Tour app can be found on the city’s website, littletongov.org. The app is a simple, self-guided tour of Downtown Littleton to familiarize users with historically significant locations. The application is based on the city’s Historic Walking Tour brochure, and it may be used by itself while physically walking around Downtown Littleton, or in tandem with the brochure.

The app includes an interactive map with GPS capability for the current location, historic photos from the Littleton Museum to pair with modern thumbnails, captions explaining each location, and links to several web pages that have more information about Littleton’s history.

The application is mobile and desktop friendly, but since it is a web application it does not have to be downloaded to users’ phones. The app can be activated by going to the city’s website and clicking “Historic Walking Tour” under the “My Littleton” tab.

This project was a collaborative effort between Littleton’s Information Services, Community Development, Museum, and Communications Departments.