Gallup Gardens sculpture “Solar III” restored

Solar III during refurbishingThe Edgar Britton sculpture titled Solar III, located in Gallup Gardens, recently underwent a major restoration project. The sculpture, which was installed in 1976, has had periodic treatments to stabilize and repair the stucco finish. Efforts began last summer to secure a conservation specialist to stop deterioration and repair the structure and stucco coating of the sculpture. A contract was awarded to Smith Art Conservation, LLC in December 2015 at a cost of $36,319.

Solar III during refurbishingThe Smith Art Conservation team, headed by Andrew Smith, conducted a series of tests and a complete site survey in early April. The team met with Littleton Museum and South Suburban Parks and Recreation staff to discuss specific procedures for the project.

The team removed the stucco coating and replaced the deteriorated concrete masonry units and mortar in the long curved wall element of the 3-piece sculpture. They also restored the top of the curved wall to the original 90-degree angle to retain the intent of the artist’s design. Local contractor Colorado Stucco and Stone stucco’d the curved wall element and re-stucco’d the other two sculpture elements, matching the color and texture to the original appearance.

Solar III after refurbishing work is complete